Backup options

When I first got my Vero 4K, I setup a backup scheme, though I can’t remember where I found it to change the settings.

The resultant file (OSMCBACKUP_date_numbers_.tar.gz) was copied to a folder on my NAS.

I did some changes to my NAS where the volume number changed. Now I get an error (on the TV/Vero) saying Failed to Transfer tar file. I assume it was because of the Volume number change. I’ve looked everywhere trying to find where the settings and can’t. I found an Add-On called Backup, but when the failed to transfer tar file error started, this add-on wasn’t even installed.

Where can I find the settings that govern what makes the OSMCBACKUP…tar.gz file?

It’s in the MyOSMC add-on that you find under program menu.