Backup/Restore: user input for custom files/folders

Feature 1: Is it possible to add a feature to enter custom file paths and/or folder so OSMC backup then too?

Feature 2: Imagine you corrupted your SD card and you add the backup file to fat32 partition and when first install OSMC it will restore all of them.
Restoring osmc to a previous working SD would be really fast.

Personally, I would add files like these (users should any file they want to input field). If feature 2 would be implemented size should be limited.


Sep 2015 has a reasonable backup built in but…

It would be nice to add additional sources. A user defined (browse to locate) addition option would be ideal. If that is used then a new additional user defined option should be added to the config screen.

That way a user can add one or more folders to the list available under the current backup. All in one neat file ready to be restored if needed.

How come the users complete home folder is not included by default. Many manually added apps (Flexget for example) will store their config in the users home folder.

These days external storage is relatively inexpensive so it is no longer crucial to reduce backup file size to the bare minimum.

If only that were possible… Unfortunately the file browsing dialogs in Kodi are quite limited, and we are forced to use a different type of dialog (which has different browsing capabilities) for the location in the preferences, and the one in the restore window - not much we can do about that.

If what you say was possible we would have done so already I can assure you.

Thanks for that.

As an ex-coder I can quote a revered colleague from a long time back who said “anything is possible, you just have to want it enough”. Unfortunately time/resources/budget were not part of that equation.