Backup takes very long time or fails

Backups are taking > 15 minutes or failing to complete properly.

A large backup left orphaned in the temp dir turned out to be the proximate cause of this slow playback issue.

The backup target dir is on an attached USB flashdrive. Interestingly, opening the backup directory within Kodi’s file browser (videos) takes a good minute. Backing out of it too! (There are 3 backups kept, each 1.4GB). Browsing in and out of that directory over SFTP is instantaneous. So it doesn’t seem to be a problem with the drive or its file system.

Log shows there is sufficient file space on both local and remote. And that it does complete succesfully some 16 mins later. But also quite a lot of “failed to backup to tarball” for individual files.

If you uncheck the option to backup the thumbnails does the problem go away?

Thumbnails were already unchecked, so no that was not it. Thanks.

If your not backing up thumbnails then what is taking up the bulk of that 1.4G? Are you using profiles (My OSMC doesn’t have the ability to exclude files from the profiles folder)?

I have 2 profiles but I’m not using them currently (just using the main, “last active” one). Couldn’t figure out how to disable profiles without deleting the ones I created. But it seems the thumbnail folder is not being backed up anyway.

Checked archive with these results:

• Expanded archive, total expanded = 2.5 GB: addons = 1 GB, userdata = 1.5GB

• in 1GB of addons: 500MB of packages; largest file is a skin and only 50MB. so adds up?

• in 1.5GB of userdata: 850MB of addon_data, of which: plugin.program.iagl = 735MB, script.colorbox = 100MB

obv. i could remove IAGL (internet archive game launcher) if necessary but would prefer to keep. not important to backup, tho, so any way to exclude?

don’t know what script.colorbox is but suspect it is a dependency of something, maybe a skin?

is all that wildly unusual, and shouldn’t OSMC be able to handle it?


Your pulling files into a compressed archive so that process is going to take longer the more files and size your pulling into it. I don’t know why it sometimes fails but since that archive is created on internal storage and then transferred to whatever your selected location is then it can cause a compounded problem when those failure make you run low on free disk space. As for the profiles there is the option to backup the profiles or not and if selected all userdata for those profiles are backed up without the granular options. If you wanted to copy a profiles settings over to the master user account all you need to do is copy the files from .kodi/userdata/profiles/[profile name] over to .kodi/userdata after deleting .kodi/userdata/Thumbnails. Do this with Kodi not running. Once done you can just delete the profiles from inside Kodi. You can trim down the add-on archive a bit by using a <packagefoldersize> command in an advancedsettings.xml but I doubt there is much need to backup add-ons themselves or their installers.

As for the time it takes to navigate in that folder you mentioned in your OP that it doesn’t take over FTP I suspect that Kodi is doing some processing of the archive to see if it has playable files inside and that is what makes that take so long.

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