Backup whole Raspberry Pi running OSMC

Would it be possible to take a full backup of everything for a Raspberry Pi running OSMC? Should I just stick the SD-card into my laptop and with disk utility create a new image from the SD-card?

Any good ideas?

Taking an image of the SD card is the easiest option in my opinion however I like documenting my install procedure so that I can accurately recreate my install. This just takes the form of a simple test file but it works for me.


If your looking to just backup Kodi then what grahamh posted above would be the way to go (fastest, simplist, can be automatically run on a schedule). If you wanted to capture the entire SD card because you have other things you setup in the OS or wanted to duplicate the SD then something like win32diskimager run in Windows works quite well (from personal experience). The downsides to imaging like this is that it outputs a file that is not compressed (the file is the size of the card even if the SD card is almost empty, although you can manually zip it for archiving) and if you restore to a larger card you have to go through an extra step to expand the partition.

No. Those scripts copy the whole SD card and take up just the space that the files occupy.

I was thinking of the one in My OSMC which does just the parts of the Kodi settings you tell it to. What grahamh posted is indeed for a full backup.