Bad audio with only analog output

I use RPi 2 with OSMC, and I’m experiencing a peculiar audio issue. In Kodi, I set audio output to both HDMI and Analog, as I occasionally watch videos.
Whenever I start the RPi with no HDMI cable connected. the audio quality is really bad, like “canny” and hollow. No problems at all when the HDMI is connected from the start.
If i connect or disconnect the HDMI while the RPi is running, it hangs.
This goes for both MP3 and FLAC.

Is there any hidden setting for this? I want to be able to run my RPi with just the analog audio cable connected.

Hope you can help me.

Does it work if you select Analog only?

Have you tried setting /boot/config.txt to say that there is always HDMI connected, regardless of what it thinks is there - if you don’t then it will always select its own start config, which you may not like



Thanks Derek and Graham for the hints. I’ll try this tonight, and let you know the result.


Thanks Derek! I edited the config file and added

This solved the audio problem and also the issue with connecting/disconnecting the HDMI cable freezing the Pi.

In addition, I learned a lot more about the config settings! :slightly_smiling_face: