Bad visibility of selected Text

Hi, new OSMC user here. I just set up an RPi2 with OSMC for my Mother, who is not very tech savvy and does not have the best eyesight.
Unfortunately the design of the OSMC skin often makes it impossible to identify selected text.
Sometimes the selection will be highlighted in a very vibrant, clearly visible yellow color, other times you really need to concentrate and strain your eyes to make out the faint yellowish hue in an otherwise light grey text that looks about 99% alike to every other text on the display.
Same thing goes for the on-screen keyboard. Currently selected characters and the text typed are pretty much unreadable.
This is not acceptable in its current state. Please help me to fix this, so that my Mum can actually use her Kodi machine.
Thank you!

There are dozens of other skins available.

reFocusBIG and Immersive would be good places to start.

Edit: actually Mimic is probably the skin you want.

Well, I guess I could try that, but is it really intended for the default OSMC skin to be unintelligible? That just doesn’t seem very productive for me.

Thanks for playing.

What do you mean thanks for playing? Do you think I am not being serious about it being a problem? Are you saying you are aware of it and unable or unwilling to change it? Has this been discussed before and I just couldn’t find it on the forums? I’m pretty confused about all of this.

The OSMC skin is currently lacking an active developer, so any wishlist we might have is on hold until there is someone to actually work on it.

If there is anyone with skinning experience who would like to contribute and submit any changes (especially via Github PR) then by all means.

I can’t be bothered discussing aesthetics, I was trying to help your mum.

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Ah, that is good to know, thank you. Guess I’ll have a look at the skin and try to figure something out myself then. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t already a known solution for this that would save me some time xD