Banana pi pro support

do osmc support Banana pi pro support

No and we never will


Just curious, as I had never heard of Banana Pi before. Is the issue that it is closed source, or something? From a quick read of Wikipedia, it seems like just another Pi clone?

actuly the RPI 2 is a little tad faster ( at standart clocks -no overclock) than the banana pi pro therefor the rpi 2 will be a better choice than the banana pi, and if you overclock the RPI 2 it will become even more faster,

you might wanna have a look at the Vero by OSMC its even faster than the RPI 2, yes its a little bit priceier but its as i said faster

anyhow this was just to tell you that there are better and faster alternatives to the Banana pi pro

its allwinner SOC the worst arm SOC there is google it :wink:

Thanks for clarifying, but I wasn’t so much interested in the specs on the Banana Pi. More curious about the cold reception it seemed to receive from the OSMC team. Looking into it further, I see now that:

  • “[Banana Pi] infringes all sorts of Raspberry Pi trademarks and copyrights… and is making money off other people efforts.” [jamesh - Raspberry Pi Engineer]
  • The main SoC chip is different. (So it is probably not directly compatible anyways, and OSMC team is not going to make a custom software version for a closed board.)

So I think this explains it, and it seems a perfectly reasonable stance for OSMC to take.

The Allwinner SoC is hard to compile Kodi on also seen alot of issues i own a Cubieboard 2 with the Allwinner SoC and you cant play full hd on it or nothing so basicly its just a fileserver at my home

There is no documented hardware video acceleration APIs (i.e. OpenMAX), so if you compile Kodi on it you’d have software decoding, which would realistically give you 720p at the most.


Not even that @sam_nazarko i tried on an allwinner soc it really blows… the lesson i learn from allwinner is never buying allwinner again…