Banding on blu-ray and UHD blu-ray remuxed files

Edit: this is now fixed in the latest software.

I still see banding on most titles. Any work being done on solving this?

It’s fixed in today’s update, which you should see in 20-30 minutes when it reaches a mirror near your location.

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So the big April update will be available in 20-30 minutes?

It can take up to an hour to reach some regions, but you should see it by then yes. You can then either manually check for updates or wait for OSMC to prompt you


Thank you; I’m really happy to hear this. I will test as soon as it is made available. Thank you @sam_nazarko :smiley:

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Great, I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Will the April version also fix banding on 1080p files? Blog post regarding this release only mention 4K regarding banding.

I think banding was only noticed when playing 4K HDR content.
That was all we tested for and resolved however; but banding should be gone.

If it isn’t, we’ll then check that your device is set up correctly.


April update installer; banding is at least solved for 4K HDR content, so looks good. I see if you select automatic HDR switching; it switches between 8bit and 10bit automatically.

I will check up more SDR 2160p and 1080p files. But looks good; I got a :frowning: after upgrade by the way. Restarted again, and everything is fine.

The sad face can be ignored. It’s an irrelevant bug.

Does the automatic HDR setting also trigger 10bit for 10bit non HDR material ?

No it does not. But this is still an experimental feature.

If this feature could add output bits to match source-file regardless of HDR that would be perfect, look at it as a feature request.

That’s the plan. I will change the wording of the feature as it develops.

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