Bandwidth needed for streaming video from tvheadend

Hi! Looking for rules of thumb here :slight_smile: What bandwidths are needed for regular 1080i and HD?

Not really a OSMC question, so may better ask on tvheadend forum.
But my best guess is 12,5 Mb

Just take a look at the file size and divide it by the duration of the movie :wink:

Good point really. Why did I not think of that? :wink: 4Gb and two hours, 2Gb/h, 0,5Mbyte/s whis is approximately 5Mbit/s, right?

To solve a cabling problem, I have resorted to running Ethernet over the same coax as TV. When run at maximum speed, I get interference on the CATV signal, but when I lower the speed all is fine.

Ethernet… Coax… feel like it’s 1998 again…

Sorry for offtopic.

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