Basic instructions needed

Is there anywhere I could find basic instructions for using my new pi 2 with osmc installed.
I’m having a hard time understanding anything in the PI config settings menu.
Specific questions are:
How do set the clock?
How do you hear audio? I’ve tried mp3 and wma audio and also no audio from any videos I play.
I’ve tried to get audio from both the hdmi and analog outputs.
Also, can’t find audio and video files anywhere on my network.
I have searched for any instructions on using OSMC and can’t find much.
Any help will be appreciated!

You don’t set the clock - this is done automatically using ntp from the internet. You can, however, set your time zone to get correct local time displayed.
You don’t need to try playing audio files to check working - when moving throug the menus there are, by defaults, sounds to show selection.
If you’ve never used Kodi media centre before (which is what you get with OSMC), then you might find a helpful utube video if you search - I know I did.