Basic security steps for newbie RPi OSMC users?

I have been happily running OSMC for the past few weeks.
I am running mostly local content in USB-HDD but connecting the RPi to the internet with WiFi dongle.

I recently came across topics like these People from China and India are attacking me

I haven’t taken any precautions for my RPi OSMC (did not change the default password etc).

It would be really helpful if anyone could list down the how to secure the OSMC and what are the basic precautions one should take.

Thank you!

Are connecting the RPI directly to the internet with Public IP address or are you just connecting it to your wireless router (LAN with private IP)?

If it is the second case and you don’t have any port forwarding configured on your router there is not much you have to fear for.

You are few second faster @fzinken ! :smiley:

Simple enough why forward 22 unless is really nessary, any other woes aslong as im getting into it ?

NAT will keep you protected. Unless you port forward any services you should be OK


Thanks for the clarification.
Yes I am connecting to internet via my home wireless router.

Why do you need port forwarding for OSMC (sorry if it’s a dumb question).

Thank you!

You don’t - unless you aim to access the Pi from the world at large, rather than your local network

My comment might have confused you. Definitely you DO NOT need portforwarding but some people like the one you refered to in your question do that to be able to access the RPI remotely via SSH.
So my point to you as long as you are in your private LAN and DO NOT do portforwarding you DO NOT need to worry about (external) security.

Got it! Thanks!

These two links maybe of use to you. Particularly if you have an SSH server running and is accessible via port forwarding as previously mentioned.