Basic Vero 4K instructions where?

I am a complete novice and am having difficulties with the remote as I cannot find any instructions at all. For example I powered down the Vero using the option on the menu, blue light changed to red, but could find no way of turning it back on with the remote so in the end I removed the power lead and replaced it so it rebooted, not the best way to do it!

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As a media center the Vero4k is designed to run 24/7 due to its low power consumption. Therefore as of now there is no way to power up the device by remote control. @sam_nazarko may design something in the future. For now just don’t power it down.

Thanks, by habit I turn things off so that’s why I did, will leave on now.
But original question remains, where do I get the basic instructions?

I guess this might help if you are a new Kodi user:

There should be a small booklet in your box


There was but I did not find it very useful.
Am getting there slowly though but not finding it intuitive.

If you let us know what you are trying to do I am sure we can help

The link provided by @mcobit is likely the most useful info as it provides new user instruction in the use of Kodi. Kodi will be 99% of what you interact with in normal use via GUI.