BBC iPlayer constand buffering

BBC iPlayer has suddenly started buffering like mad. It has never done this before. Nothing else is buffering.

I have tried uninstalling the add-on and re-installing it. This seems to have no effect. I said to remove data but it still remembers what programmes I was watching.

How do I get rid of all the iPlayer data if a fresh install does not stop it remembering things?

Also, how do I go about debugging why it is buffering? I have played other streams and nothing buffers but iPlayer.

When I go to my PC where Kodi is installed on Windows I get no buffering on iPlayer.

Will check this, and your other post shortly.

We need more information.

You stated in your other post that iPlayer was working well. Has something changed recently in your environment?

Hi Sam,

I have a number of Vero4k’s. The main one is in my lounge. The others have never been configured properly due to ill health etc. The one in the lounge has not worked properly since the last update. The IR remote control hasn’t worked reliably since the update. It worked okay in iPlayer but not when playing a file off my TrueNAS server. Pressing pause, stop etc. were just ignored. 99% of the time. The batteries in the remote were fine. It is as if OSMC was just not responding.

Now I get constant buffering when trying to use iPlayer. The other day that was working fine and I have made no other changes since the last update. That update was installed as soon as it was released. I guess about a month ago but you will know better than me.

I have Kodi installed on a Windows PC. iPlayer works on that without any buffering. The buffering on the lounge Vero4k is so bad in iPlayer that it is just not watchable. It is like it is reading data, filling a buffer and then stopping to do the same again.

I’m in the process of installing OSMC on one of the other Vero4k’s to replace the one in the lounge. That is what the other post is about. This time with the OSMC remote.

On the current one in the lounge I’m totally at a loss as to why iPlayer is buffering. If I play another stream from another add-on I don’t get any buffering. So, it is just iPlayer.

I tried uninstalling iPlayer and re-installing it. But even though I said to delete data (I can’t remember what the exact term it displayed) when I re-installed it remembered the last programme I played. So, clearly it didn’t delete all data.

On the Vero4k I am installing to replace the lounge one I have already installed iPlayer and I get no buffering on that.

I hope that clarifies it all.

Which IR remote are you using? Is the OSMC remote control affected?

Do you know which version of OSMC you updated from? We haven’t had other reports of this.

Definitely need more information (including logs showing playback) to determine the cause of the buffering issue.