BCM970015 crystal HD

I know that BCM970015 is compatible with OSMC. But in my case it is not detected. Need help

load up a test video and then press “o” on a keyboard connected to the atv, this should bring up a menu in the top left hand corner of the screen, and you should see something like “chd-h264-osmc”.

I will post a picture along with this so that you can see what it looks like.

The CrystalHD card will show under Playback -> Acceleration in Settings. It’s greyed out as it’s not user-configurable.

Thanks, I remember it being in a different menu, but it might have been under OpenELEC that is what I was remembering. Hopefully the picture is helpful as that is the best way to see if the ATV is using the CrystalHD card.

found it under settings - video - acceleration (and as stated it is greyed out)

There is nothing there but nvidia card.

Is there anyway you could post a picture from a cellphone or something? It could be that it is a bad card. Happens sometimes.

Which one? Picture of the card? Or osmc screenshot? I can make both

a picture of the inside of the ATV and of the menu found under settings -> video -> acceleration. Also if you could load up a test video and pause it, and then open up the menu (by pressing “o” on a keyboard of somekind), and post a picture of that, it would also be helpful.