BDRemux crash


I am trying to play a BDremux movie, but it makes Kodi crash.
I stopped the mediacenter service and tried to play it with omxplayer and it worked perfectly.
Kodi log doesnt display anything useful, no errors…
Any ideas?

This is highly unlikely. Did you enable debug logging?

The log is there, scroll till the end, when playing The Revenant.mkv

Your installation is completely bogged with third party addons whose only purpose is to bypass copyright and provide pirated content. There is no way to know what these addons have changed on your install. Our suggestion would be to rename your ~/.kodi directory for a short time and attempt to create the issue on a Kodi configuration that has been unmolested by these addons. If the issue is present, we will have clean logs to scrutinize, if it is not, then you will know that something associated with your addons has corrupted your install.

There is the log of a clean Kodi with no addons, crashing when playing the MKV movie

Can we see mediainfo output for this file? Seems to be a problem there.

The mediainfo output

Can you produce a 1 minute sample of the file? (e.g. using mkvtoolnix)
Check if that still causes the crash. If it does I’d like to try to reproduce.

1min video sample, it crashes kodi aswell

Video sample