Beamer compatibility

I think of getting this beamer Optoma HD27 ( ) and wanted to know if it is compatible with the vero2.

Also i wanted to know if its possible to stream the video of the vero2 to this device, wich is an extension of the beamer.

cheers bendsch


You won’t have any problems with these projectors. I have an Optoma HD25 at home as well as an HD23 and watch TV regularly using only these devices.

My one piece of advice is to use a good HDMI cable. I first purchased a cheap 15M one and had issues from my amp, but after getting a better quality one my dropouts and handshake issues went away.

Make sure you don’t calibrate picture quality too much, as after the first 100 hours you will want to calibrate again when the bulb is worn in.

Optoma projectors provide great value for money and the bulb replacements are reasonable, particularly if you just purchase the bulb and not the replacement housing.



thanks for your quick and detailed answer!


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