Before I buy a Vero 4k


I am looking at purchasing a Vero 4k to replace an HTPC running Kodi 18.

I have looked through the forum and I just wanted to confirm that with the Vero 4k I will be able to -

a) Play Flac 5.1 24bit 96khz files via HDMI with no down sampling.
b) Framerate support for 1080p at 50Hz (Framerate Auto Switching).
c) Kodi Addons will work - i.e Tidal2 , Kayo Sports.
d) Plex Server can be installed to serve media to other clients on the local network from Local Attached Storage.



a) Yes.
b) Yes – enable Adjust Refresh Rate.
c) Add-ons that work on Kodi will work on OSMC.
d) Yes. But transcoding of content will not be realistically possible on Vero. So as long as your clients can play your files as they are, you will be OK.

Let me know if you have any questions


Yes for sure to a) and b).

Most add-ons work fine, but ones that require DRM can be quirky on any platform.

Plex server will run on the Vero, but it doesn’t have the horsepower to transcode to different formats.

Add-ons specified in c) don’t use widevine/drm, so the user will be OK.

Great , thanks for the replies . Looks like this is a good option then.


On point (d) bear in mind that its USB ports are USB 2.0 rather than 3.0. That has no relevance at all when it’s actually in use as a Plex server, but it means that copying the video files onto its drive in the first place is rather slow (unless you temporarily unplug the drive and plug it into something else).