Before I power the new unit up

Just received my Vero 4K plus and started setting it up but have a question or two before powering up. I’ve connected the power supply to the power board but haven’t connected to the unit just yet. I’ve connected the HDMI cable to my Yamaha RX-A 3070 Receiver and to the Vero. I put the USB Dongle in the USB 2 connection and my 2 TB HDD to the USB 3 connection. Now there is another cable that came with the unit which is not mentioned in the setup instructions and it is a Stereo RCA Pin Jack with a half round knob on the other end. What is this for and where does it connect?

That is an IR extender which you only need if you use a IR Remote and you want to hid the Vero in a cabinet.

BTW, both USB ports are USB2

I assumed the second USB Port was USB 3 because it isn’t White as the other one is. Thanks for letting me know.

Okay I’ll go ahead and set up and see how it goes.

Okay everything’s done and all working okay

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Set up the Audio and Video which I overlooked so now have full sound surround and selected Pass Through in all options and the video to UHD and the results are great. The unit works well with the Yamaha RX-A3070 Receiver with no conflicts.

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