Shortly we’ll be getting Vero 4K+ which is destined to replace an old raspberry pi.

I don’t know what instructions come with it, or what are the best things to do/not do? Maybe someone could give a run down on out of box to viewing something ? I’m somewhat computer literate, but always with something new it can be a slow learn, maybe it also has some capabilities or features I’ve not thought of?

Jill wants know if the KODI ticks and arrows indicating watched will remain (or can be preserved anyhow) ?

When idly mentioned to someone we were getting this, they said "but you don’t have a 4k TV’. Which is quite true and it never occurred to me we’d need one. I presume it’s compatible with ours - resolution 2,073,600. 1920 (W) x 1,080 (H). (5,760 x 1.080 dots), just would be much better with 4k resolution.

Thanks, Kirk


Have you used OSMC before? If so – you will feel at home.

Your TV will work fine. You need a 4K TV to see 4K content in 4K resolution; otherwise we’ll scale it to the best resolution your TV supports.

If you want to restore everything on the Pi to your Vero, see Backing up Settings - General - OSMC. This will carry over viewing history etc.

Hope this helps


Thanks Sam. If I restore settings as instructed, will this also save or set up again the shared Paths ?
I haven’t used oSMC, only RaspPi. We have 4 or so shared folders and about 2000 files.
But I’m guessing it’ll be Wireless, not Wired LAN. LOL may be somewhat challenging.

OSMC is an operating system.

Raspberry Pi is hardware.

The backup system only works for OSMC installations; including Raspberry Pi. Can you clarify this a bit?

The Pi is using KODI and Confluence skin and is probably an older one (around 2012)

Kodi is used in OSMC. It’s also used in OpenELEC and LibreELEC.
We need to know what operating system you’re using.

What does the System Info page show?

Frequently Asked Questions - General - OSMC covers the differences in a bit more detail.