Behavior at the end of a video file


I use Vero 4K and when a video file hits the end of it, Vero 4K reads it again from the start.
(My video files are on a USB stick)

Perhaps it’s the normal behavior, but is there an option to make Vero 4K come back to the last menu where the video was ran ?
I have searched the Vero 4K options and this forum, but with no results.

Thanks in advance if someone has a solution (simple in the OSMC-OSD or by editing system files from remote (PuTTY or via ftp))

Have a nice day !

Check if this helps you

It sounds like you accidentally enabled looping

Thanks for the link ! :slight_smile:
It worked fine for me and it’s now effective on video played from a USB stick but also on videos played from the internal storage space of the Vero 4K :slight_smile:

For those with the official Vero 4K remote controller, here are the steps to follow :
-Select a video (do not play it)
-Hit the menu button
-On the side menu that appears : select “Queue item” and hit OK
-Hit the left or right arrow
-On the side menu that appears : select “Current playlist” and hit OK
-Now we should be on the “Current playlist” view
-Hit the left or right arrow
-On the side menu that appears : select “Repeat” and hit several times OK in order to have the wanted parameter (Off, All or One)
-Hit the left or right arrow in order to exit the side panel
-Hit the back button to exit the “Current playlist” view

This works also for video files that have not been added to the playlist and it continues to work even after reboot.