Beo4 with OSMC

Did anybody made a Beo4 remote work with OSMC with a TSOP7000 receiver?

When connecting my TSOP7000 and running “mode2” then I receive plenty of spaces and pulses without pressing any buttons. I guess it might be interference. However I am able to stabilise the signal by holding my fingers pressed to the Raspberry Pis PCB (preventing the spaces and pulses from spamming the “mode2” and only receive the signal when buttons are clicked).

So a problem might be missing ground connection or what?

Do anybody have a solution for this problem?

Well as I doubt this is a OSMC problem I suggest you are better of in the forum from where you got your TSOP setup.
Anyhow if you want more help you might want to start by explaining your hardware setup

Hi Fzinken,

I was hoping that somebody in here maybe already had a solution with the TSOP and a Beo4 remote.

Sorry if the topic is wrong placed.

Well I wouldn’t say wrong placed, but normally if it is a hardware problem you get better support in TOSP related forums.

How many people did you think were going to respond that they use a 25 year old remote?

You might want to consider the prebuilt route and purchase a Flirc receiver.

Yea I know, but Flirc doesn’t work with the rest of my B&O Products… :smiley: