Best 55" TV for a Vero 4K?

We have a 37" Sony, approx 10 years old that we are very happy with, but looking for something larger, but for aestethical reasons, 55" is the limit :slight_smile: We have a chimney-wall that is 1260mm wide and the TV would loo silly if it protrudes on either or both sides. Since we have a 4K we do not need, nor want a fancy “Android TV”, so we are looking at something like the Sony KD-55XF7000 or similar. Any opinions?

If you are watching movies and would like to use HDR in all its glory you might want to look att the 9000 series instead. (the difference between the 7000 and 9000 is to over simplify the max brightness)

The best is probably an oled, if that is within your price range.
Unless you are viewing in a brightly lit room with direct sunlight then you might want to go for an led with high brightness.

I would visit a reseller and have a look at different models and buy the one that best fits for you.

You might want the android tv or other smarttv if you want to watch netflix, amazon prime or similar in 4k hdr, the vero doesn’t do that (might do in the far future).

You can’t buy a TV these days that isn’t ‘smart’. Whether the Android system or some other is for you - you will have to read the reviews. What counts for most is support for their favourite streaming service. Otherwise, Vero can do all those smarts as you know.

I would focus on picture quality, not operating system ‘features’. Apart from the brightness issue that @tommyhome describes well, look for good viewing angles if you have a big family. That’s the only slight disappointment I have with my 3-year-old Panasonic. At my price level, the Sonys were rather better than Panasonic for that. You can only judge that in the shop.

Dolby Vision seems to be more of a must-have for future-proofing than HDR10+.

FWIW, we get more issues reported here with LGs than other makes. Maybe they are just more popular?

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Thanks. I would like to stay as far away from Android TV as possible given problems my friends have had with that :slight_smile: Point taken though.

They tend to be cheaper and hence more popular, yes, but you get what you pay for. I agree that picture quality and such is the most important. When we bought this one. We compared this with a 42" full HD. Side by side and found that the larger was not worth the price-difference which then was 500€. So we bought the 37" and a Rancilio Silva :slight_smile:

Panasonic TH-49GX800H

Also available as 58"

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I would concentrate on good technical options. I would never buy a TV without checking that in detail and read some reviews. A good website for such comparisons is: TV Reviews: Best of 2021 -

During COVID-19 lock-down I bought a Samsung Q80 from the 2019 series. A good TV for reasonable money. There is not need to always buy the latest series. TV´s from last year have a better price-performance ratio

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And that I intend to do. Just back after a quick round among the stores :slight_smile:

That one only seems to be available in the far east?

Should be only the last letter that anchors it to HK

Mine ends in B ( for UK) and starts with TX

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Yes, @AndersG the TX and B is region specific.
Also the G indicates the 2019 series. So this year is HX800

Europe 2020 model 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV TX-50HX800B | Panasonic UK & Ireland


Samsung QE55Q95T looks very promising.

I have it’s predecessor, the 55’’ Q90R. I’m very pleased with it so far - excellent picture quality, wide viewing angles, an effective anti reflection coating, and probably my favourite - the one connect box, meaning all the clutter is hidden several feet away behind a settee with just the thin fibre and soundbar cables on show.

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Yes. Got mine yesterday and have not had much time to test. Only issue so far is that it did not autodetect the Vero4K, but labeled it as “Unknown”

Seem to recall I had the same problem. I manually labelled it in the end. I also had a problem with some picture/sound drop-out for around a second, every 10 seconds or so on certain material. Manually enabling ‘Input Signal Plus’ for that HDMI input, as others had suggested on here (within ‘External Device Manager’ ) seemed to stop that.

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Yeah - would be nice if Samsung would recognize RPi and Veros

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