Best ATSC tuner for Raspberry Pi?


In looking around the interwebs, there does not seem to be a clear consensus on streaming and/or recording broadcast television. I see HD Homerun pretty frequently and it seems to be fully supported by OSMC. Is HD Homerun fully functional without paying a subscription fee? If so, this seems like the most attractive solution.

The other alternative appears to be some sort of Hauppauge device. Unless I am mistaken, the dual tuner Hauppauge is not yet fully supported.

All of this said, I don’t necessarily need multiple tuners (we’re not a very television centric household) so a Hauppauge single tuner device that is known to work would be a feasible alternative. But on the rare occasion that we’d like to be able to record one program while watching another, it would be a nice option.

I kind of like the simplicity of a device that is just a tuner and not yet another internet appliance but can see many advantages to the HD Homerun.


I have an HD Homerun (the Prime one for QAM cable in the US, not the ATSC, but same in principle) and have been very happy with it. My sense is that given the limited number of USB ports (and power) on a Pi (or even a Vero4K) that you’re going to be better off with the tuner as a separate device rather than plugged directing into the OSMC box. Especially since you’re probably going to need an external drive on which to hold the recordings.

Thank you! I guess I’m leaning toward the HD Homerun Connect Duo although I’m still reluctant to add something else to my network. That said, I imagine I can block it from accessing the internet unless I want it to do a firmware upgrade.

Does anyone know if the current model (HDHR5-2US) has any significant advantages over the legacy model (HDHR4-2US)? The legacy model is $30 cheaper.

I inquired on Silicondust’s IRC channel and apparently the new model has slightly superior tuners and consumes less power. My signal seems to be pretty good so I’m going with the legacy version.