Best cache settings for rpi3 running on USB HDD?

Hi, I have an RPi3 installed to a 7200rpm USB hdd. It is wired to the LAN. Movies and TV generally stream from another computer on the LAN, also sometimes through streaming addons.

What are my best settings for smooth playback? I currently get some pauses and buffering on movie trailers via Cinema Experience or Cinemavision, which I think both get them from iTunes, HGTV plugin, and even sometimes just movies streaming from the other computer on the network (which is also a wired connection).

I should add that internet-wise, I have a 100mbps connections and can max that out no problem (i.e. it’s also my real-world speed).

Streaming over the Internet via addons such as Cimema Experience, Cinemavision and HGTV is dependent on the speed of your Internet connection as well as all points between you and the remote server. Therefore, if the streaming speed is generally too slow, then caching isn’t going to help.

That said, you have nothing to lose from trying to increase the cache size. Take a look here and see if it helps. The advancedsettings.xml file should be found (or if not there, created) in directory /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata

Thank you, I have now added to OP the fact that my internet is 100mbps (actual), so that should not be an issue.

I will try what you suggest, I am just never quite clear on the right balance between mem size, buffer mode, and read factor for any given configuration.

Well, 100 Mbps should be sufficient but there’s always the possibility of issues between you and the server(s).

I guess it’s worth mentioning that the add-ons in question might not cache their streams, but an increased cache size should certainly help with files held on your LAN.