Best Hard Drive to Connect to Vero 4k


I have had a simple Seagate Expansion Drive hooked up to Vero 4k for months. I just realized I think it has been running continuously with Vero and not spinning down when not playing content. It now is not working well and is making noise so I am going to switch it out.

Is there anything recommended on what external hard drive to directly connect to Vero 4k? Something that will spin down?


Hi @hartmm,

I’m running an “Intenso Memory Center 3 TB” since January 2014 with a Vero 1, Vero 2 and meanwhile also with a Vero 4K. Works like a champ, spins down. We only hear the HDD in the living room for a short moment when it is spinning up but placed a soft pad under it to prevent any possible vibration being transmitted to the wood of the cupboard where the disk is located.

I bought Seagate Expansion 5TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STEB5000100), works just fine, also spins down

Thanks, I think the issue I had is the Seagate 2TB does not have its own power supply and I guess it’s running all the time because the vero 4k is running. The 5TB Seagate and Intenso Memory does have their own power supply and manages its own power? That has been my best guess.

That won’t necessarily be the issue. Some enclosures don’t respect the power down command OSMC sends however; and it could indeed be possible that it’s correlated to whether the disk is expected to be passively powered or feature a dedicated power supply.


Just got a new HD for the Vero 4K. Lacie Porsche design desktop drive 4TB with its own power supply. It does now power down after about 10mins.

Thanks for the help!

Here’s Seagate with external power supply, no power down.

Something may be keeping files on the disk open