Best Media Player

I’m currently using OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 1 and it just isn’t up to the task performance wise. I’m looking to upgrade to something more powerful that won’t freeze or slow down.

I really like the Vero 2 specs, do people think this is the best choice or are there other alternatives?
Also how do Android media players fair with Kodi?


It depends whether you want to run OSMC or not.

Android players don’t handle pass through, fractional mode setting and have more performance overhead.

The Vero 2 runs OSMC for Kodi but also allows you to run Android if you want to use Apps.


Hey Sam, thanks for the quick response!

How exactly does the Vero 2 work with Android, is Android pre-installed on an SD or do I install Android myself?

Have you noticed any performance issues with the Vero 2 since its launch?


Hi Gareth

I haven’t noticed any performance problems. You should find the GUI very fluid and find the system quite speedy

I am hoping to finish our first Android release this weekend. It sits on an SD card, and OSMC sits on the internal storage. I’ll later adding switching capabilities from the Kodi menu


Oh ye switching capabilities would be great actually!
What version of Android will it be?

I’m quite new to OSMC too, do you have any tips on creating s good set up? Or any good links to read about it?


The first release will be 4.4 (KitKat) based with fixes backported, and in the future I’ll likely move to more vanilla AOSP releases (Marshmallow etc) if people want that.

You can check out the Wiki for some advice, and you can also get support in this forum.