Best Method for Restart?

Hey guys,

Whats the best piece of advice I can give my family for restarting or unfreezing the Vero4k, when access to the CLI is not an option, so for instance I’m not around?

Can they simply pull the power plug?

Would be interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts.


If it’s frozen and CLI is not an option, unplugging is probably the only reasonable choice. I have a Vero 4K+ six time zones away from me, and when it does freeze, they just unplug it, count to ten, and plug it back in. There is always a small danger that the data on the device will be damaged, but for all the times I’ve had to do that, I’ve never had a problem.

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Ah thats nice to know that it remains relatively stable, with all the times this occurred with you. :+1:

It shouldn’t be freezing – how often is this occurring?

Oh every so often.
If I was to put a number on it; maybe mmm anywhere between; once or twice every couple of weeks or a month.
Sorry I couldn’t say exactly.