Best settings OSMC RbPi2

Hello all,

I have just installed OSMC in raspberry2 and I have some questions. I am viewing the image through an AV-r receiver and connected to a Samsung TV.

When I set the resolution 1920x1080p on OSMC it works for a couple of seconds and then it switches back to 640x840 or something like that.

Also sometimes the sound is getting out of synch while streaming video from my NAS server. This was not happening with Raspbmc in Raspberry1.

Is there any settings to change? passthrough? Ac3 and dts capable receiver is better?

Keep up the good work.

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I also got my Pi2 hooked up to my AVR.
Here is what i set it up like:
In Settings>System>Video output i set Resolution to DESKTOP which is 1920x1080 at 60 Hz. (my AVR is set to 1080p and video passthrough)

In Settings>System>Audio output (settings level: Expert) i enabled passthrough.
Of course, this only makes sense if your AVR can decode DTS and Dolby Digital.

I think audio passthrough is a good idea, because it means less work to do for the Pi itself.

I hope this was helpfull in some way.