Best settings to optimise for 4K TV

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if I should make any adjustments to my video settings or any settings on OSMC Vero 4K.

I recently upgraded to a 65 inch 4K TV (LG OLED C8) plugged directly into a Denon X3300 receiver. My Vero 4k box plugged into my receiver. My media library consist of files from 480p - 4k.

Set GUI to 1080p and enable refreshrate adjustment.

Thank you, will make sure my settings are adjusted to match your recommendations. Pretty sure I manually switched it to 4K.

Is there a reason why the video is set to 1080P, a bit counterintuitive .

It’s just Kodi GUI, not videos. 4K videos will run in4K if you set Enable Refresh Rate to Always or On start/stop.