Best solution for playback trough MS Windows share


I just set up my Vero 4k+ but i have some issues.
Sorry if this has been answered before, I tired searching but struggled finding a straight answer.

What is the best option for streaming from a windows network share?
I only stream large 4k files (mostly HDR 10 Bit) and all files are stored on a Windows 10 computer.

Connection is set up like this:

Windows based PC with regular file share activated - Gigabit network switch - Gigabit network switch 2 - Vero 4k - HMDI to 4k Reciever - HDMI to 4k Oled TV with HDR 10+

I tired using samba but it uses a very long time buffering and also gives a message during playback that the stream is not running optimally, most files experience random stuttering.

Hope this helps:

you might consider this as well:

several options written in there, depends on windows version

Good spot. I’ll add that.

Thanks, so if I got it right the best solution performance wise would be NFS trough fstab right?

Regarding NAS, if i understand correctly there is no difference when it comes to streaming as the Vero will do the work, any NAS with NFS support will work?

That will give the best performance, but if your server is Windows 10 then it’s not really an option and you are stuck with Samba. So for your setup SMB in fstab or autofs would be best. Many people use it without problems.

You might want to check out Hanewin NFS server. I run it on Windows 10 Home and performance is great. I didn’t even bother with fstab, just created the connections directly in Kodi. No issues playing 4K movies over the network.