Best UK TV app when no terrestrial signal available

I am slightly overwhelmed by apparent possibilities so seek help. We have no terrestrial TV available so dongles are out but we do have broadband, albeit very slow ADSL not fibre.
All I want is to be able to watch TV using my 4K. Please could somebody advise which apps to install.

Go to the Addon Browser and look for video addons.
There you can find all sorts -
iplayer WWW
Sky News


Hi and many thanks. I had already installed iPlayer as you suggest but couldn’t find how to play live streams, eg the BBC news, only catch up recordings. Am I missing something.

You should see a Watch Live option after Search and before Red Button

Look for the TVCatchup addon in the official Kodi repository, you’ll get all BBC Channels, ITV 1, Channel 4, Channel 5 plus a few other Freeview channels via it.

Here’s a link to the addon thread in the Kodi forums TVCatchup


You might also be interested in the catch-up TV & more addon from the official Kodi repositories, it contains on demand from UKTV, Blaze and Sky News, as well as the Blaze channel live

Hi Dan & Buckeye,
Thanks for the replies. I found the Watch Live option. Couldn’t see for looking. Now all is well.
Thanks again.