Best USB dongle for DVB-C channels


Currently, I have a CablestaCablestar 2 USB to view my DVB-C channels on Vero 4K with Tvheadend.
But I need a new one to watch DVB-C channels. Wich adapter do you recommend? The OSMC branded DVB-T2 works on DVB-C channels?


Yes. I think @JimKnopf uses one on DVB-C.


Yes – the OSMC dongle supports DVB-C. We don’t advertise this feature because it is not commonly used as DVB-C is usually encrypted.



Thanks a lot @grahamh and @sam_nazarko for the quick reply.
Can I use two ou three dongles at the same time (on the same Vero 4K) to use multiple clients (i.e. Raspberry Pi with OSMC and TVHeadend PVR)?

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If you use more than one dongle, I recommend you use a powered USB hub. TVHeadend would run on the device with the dongles. All other client devices just need the TVHeadend (HTS) plug-in.


Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


That is still be useful information to have displayed in the store, as not everyone needs encrypted channels. There are quite a few unencrypted channels in germany for example.


Same in Portugal, on NOS provider.


I’ve updated the store page to reflect that DVB-C is supported.
Thanks for your advice. I did not know that there were free to air DVB-C signals.


I’m having poor signal quality issues with this dongle.
When I use other USB Tuners (like Cablestar) I don’t have that issues, connected on the same cable.
Do you recommend use a powered USB HUB to give a boost on the dongle?



Are you using DVB-T or DVB-C?
You should use a powered hub for best results; the dongle is power hungry.


Using DVB-C.
I’m going to buy a powered hub from your store to check if it resolves the issue.


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