Best USB TV Tuner for OSMC & Raspberry Pi 2

Hi, I am running OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 2 with the WinTV 950Q by Happauge. I am not very happy with this tuner, as one particular channel that I receive on my TV with no issue I cannot get as good on the OSMC and it causes my OSMC to lockup when I am tuned to the channel. I am thinking that I should change tuners, so I was wondering what the community thought is the best one? I am in the US using ATSC.

FYI my tuner is in a powered USB hub, and I have the latest firmware for it (dvb-fe-xc5000-1.6.114.fw)

In the US nothing beats the HDHomerun line of network tuners

Thanks for the reply…any particular model?

Depends if you want cable card or not, visit

I did, and I don’t. Looks like eBay has a few for reasonable amounts of money…also looks like I won’t need OSMC anymore since I can use Kodi sideloaded on my Amazon Fire Stick to connect to this.

Right now the Silicondust app is only live TV, no recording or timeshifting, if that suits your needs then yes. Also there’s more than one tuner in most products so you can record one show while watching another or record multiple shows at once, with the right software/backend. I use 2 HDHomerun Primes for a total of 6 cable card tuners Windows Media Center as the backend with ServerWMC and pvrWMC on Pi2s feeding multiple Kodi instances throughout the house