Best Vero 4K+ Display and Audio Settings wiki please?

There’s a lot of info in the forum on display & audio settings which I am still digging through - a wiki to explain would be great!

In particular:

  1. Adjust Refresh Rate - yes, ok everyone knows what that is.
  2. Sync Playback to display. While i understand what it does and kinda makes sense (except on audio pass through), I keep seeing posts saying do not use this on Vero so thoroughly confused. Why not?
  3. HDM Lock - no clue about this one except that it locks the HDMI signal …

All stems from my Vero 4K+/eGreat switching to 60Hz playback after TV is switched on and I have to fiddle around with the eGreat or reboot Vero to get back 24Hz playback. Was going to blame the eGreat but it may not be the culprit is seems (HDM Lock and disabling Sync to Playback will probably solve but would like to know why).


  1. See Audio setup and information
  2. Keep this off or it will prevent passthrough from working. You don’t need it if using Adjust Refresh Rate.
  3. Do not enable this unless necessary.

Thanks Sam - dunno how i missed that page :frowning:

V useful!

That’s a useful resource.

I notice, though, there’s one situation which that page doesn’t cover - a rare one, probably, but one that I happen to find myself in.

I’m using a Vero 4K+ with my Oppo 105D blu ray player acting as an AVR. The Oppo is capable of bitstreaming AC3, DTS and E-AC3; it is not capable of decoding DTS-HD or Dolby True HD from an external source; but it is capable of handling multi-channel PCM up to 7.1 96kHz or 5.1 192kHz.

Initially I thought the best option would be to enable pass-through and tag the device as able to handle non-HD audio but not able to handle DTS-HD or TrueHD; but if the video has a DTS-HD track, the Vero 4K+ then extracts the core DTS track and bitstreams that, when what I want it to do is to decode the DTS-HD track and output that as multichannel PCM.

So, I have to turn pass-through off, and let the Vero 4K+ decode everything (even though it doesn’t need to decode AC3, DTS or EAC3).

With a Raspberry Pi, however - which can’t bitstream DTS-HD or TrueHD anyway - I have pass-through turned on, and all available pass-through formats active.

Tagging @Chillbo as well, as it’s his post.

With our current settings this is not possible… You’ve found a more than rare corner case that isn’t covered by the settings :rofl:

The only option is: turn off passthrough of DTS as well (don’t turn off AC3 and E-AC3). Then you’d have Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital+ passed through and Dolby TrueHD as well as DTS and DTS-HD decoded to PCM. Also don’t enable AC3 transcoding!