Best way to Auto-mount usb drive with guest smb access

Hello all

I search the best way to enable guest SMB access of my HDD connected to my Rpi4 (auto-mounted)

I have try guest ok = yes on smb.conf but it doesn’t work (on global and on osmc profile).
I have found udisks-glue.conf that seem to be the place where auto-mount is started but I’m afraid to modify this file.

Any idea ?

I’ve got a a solution but it hasn’t been added to tree yet, it’s only tested on my system. You have to replace your udisk-glue.conf. So back it up, and try mine.

There it adds a “-auto” to mountpoint for a devices that has a label which is the same as an existing username. Since even if label is all caps, and user name is all lowercase. The smb-shares actual name is conflictig with the user-name, which is in system has reserved for that user. And sharenames in the protocol doesn’t care about upper/ower case, since way back in LANman days.

Edit: After reading you question again, I realize the you might talk about io-privelidges, which I never had a problem with over smb. If that’s the issue, i got an idea.