Big disappointment - freezes

My new vero 4k+ still frezzes. Reinstall did not help. I have older 4k and its perfect, but this new one is terrible. I bought it in


Sorry to hear this.

Can you try swapping over the PSU from the working Vero with the new Vero?
Your log doesn’t show any major issues, but it shows some connectivity issues with your NAS. If your old Vero is working well, I suggest restoring a backup from your old Vero to your new device using My OSMC.


Ok, will try restore backup from old one.

Here is another log how is that possible? sam_nazarko Is that completely allowed to sell your stuff?

Nothing looks out of the ordinary. When the device freezes; are you still able to log in via SSH or are you uploading logs after rebooting?

Please try swap PSU.


We have a number of resellers now, as some customers prefer to shop locally.


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Restore from old is done and problem persists. Problem is in ethernet, because over wifi works vero fine without freeze.

If there is an Ethernet issue, it should not cause the device to freeze.
Did you try the other PSU?

PSU is power supply ?


Please answer if the device is totally locking up. The device freezing is a bit vague.

Sorry for my slow response, my english is very weak. I think, its lan cable problem. Now with another one it is ok. New Glan is more sensitive to lan cables, interesting. Thank for your support an patiens with me.

You’re welcome.

Thank you for your understanding. For Gigabit Ethernet, you need a good Cat5E cable.