Big library stucked on overview

I have still the problem with my Raspberry model B for opening a large database of movies? When i added them (3 different locations), one by one everytime it was possible to view the overview. But when the 3th was added (the largest locations). i can’t see the overview he keep stucked. But i can see everything if i search on year or genre.

Where is the library being stored?

If it is on the pi, you might want to look into using an external DB.

IThe location is on computer. Shared by network nfs with cable library on My pi

Give this a shot.

But I dont share a library. The location of all My movies is located on My computer on 2 different hard disks. Series again on a other hard disk. I selected the location for series. Everything was good. I added 1 location for My movies. No problem. I added second location of My movies and then it wasnt anymore possible to open the complete overview. But when i use the filter i can see all the movies That are filtered. It`s better then with alpha 4 Version there was it even not possible to filter without he blocked.

It’s doesn’t matter.

The reason I suggested relocation the DB is to offload the work to another device with more grunt.