Bit perfect audio playback

If I have a 24bit, 96kHz Flac audio file, does it get passed to the HDMI or SPDIF output untouched? It doesn’t make it through my TV as 96kHz so I’m trying to work out where it gets downsampled.


I believe it will be resampled to 2 channel PCM. It’s quite rare for a TV to decode FLAC.


So the Vero 2 passes it untouched?

A Flac file is PCM, so the only way it could be passed to the TV untouched is using high bitrate PCM. It’s very unlikely that your TV supports PCM at 96Khz 24bit. Only an AVR would be able to do that.

Even if the TV did you would not notice an improvement in quality using the speakers found in a TV, as they are laughably poor compared to even standard CD quality audio.