Bittorrent sync (btsync)

My goal is to have one main server that handles alle my needs(almost) RPI2 seems to be able to do just that…

i know tvheadend and my tuner(at least hdhomerun) is going to work… but im using btsync on my arm server currently… is it going to be added? maybe in the app store?

currently i run:
transmission (deluge will do fine i guess)
itunes server
avahi (custom info)

furture projects is getting my OSMC all use the same Mysql DB for video, music and pictures info.

edit: to get btsync running on OSMC you have to make this link

ln -s /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ /lib/

How are you finding BTSyc performance? I was a big fan of the alpha, but it would choke my Pi v1 every time it indexed. I found it quite useless for large folders.

There is another sync option I am evaluating on my PC - SyncThing. Haven’t got around to installing it on OSMC (it’s just an executable). It has big advantages over BTSync - open source and more secure - but I have a feeling that it will also bring Pi to it’s knees when indexing large directories.

In the meantime I just learned how to use Rsync and it does everything I need. Currently I’m syncing an 80gb music folder to a backup server - the performance is outstanding, low memory with no cpu spikes. All nice and stable. YMMV…

true rpi v1 was not fast enough, this is running on RPI v2… i don’t have 80Gigs to test(or the time ;-)) but seems to be working okay… but i will look at syncthing thanks for the link ;-)…

Using Moe’s automated installation/update and management script available on the Bittorrent Sync forum, installing Sync is very easy and painless. As suggested by HarryL above you MUST link the “” files which I had to do it under Root then reboot for it to take.

Check out Moe’s script and happy Syncing! :grinning:

Anybody tried official linux packages of BT Sync (Link) ?