Black after Splash, composite video 9" KV-9PT50 TV

I have OSMC installed on a raspberry pi 3 B+ and I this hooked up to a 9" Sony Trinitron KV-9PT50 via composite video. Prior to having OSMC installed I made sure that the composite video worked to display the typical raspbian GUI, so I’m sure that the composite video cable, the tv, and my settings in /boot/config.txt are correct. When I boot up the RPI3 and have it connected to my monitor via fallback HDMI, I can run OSMC, I can drop to a shell, and I can ssh into the device. However, when I attempt to boot the device when connected to the TV via composite video, I see a brief recovery screen (normal) followed by the OSMC splash screen (displays properly) and then this is followed by a black screen. When I try to ssh into the device it cannot be connected to, which leads me to believe that it is hanging somewhere during the boot process. I don’t see anything obvious from grab-logs -A. I have OSMC forced resolution set to 640x480-60p, and sdtv_mode=0 but something about booting up with the TV causes OSMC to hang up. Are there any settings I can add to /boot/config.txt or elsewhere to make OSMC behave with this TV? I wasn’t sure if resolution was the issue, or if something else was going on. I’ve seen other threads about a black screen after the splash but they didn’t seem related. Any help is appreciated but if there is no answer I might just have to move on.


Any chance you can provide the rest of us with the link? It would help us work out what’s going on.

Thanks Tom.

I’m not sure if this contains information about previous boots. This was taken when I had the device plugged into an HDMI monitor. Whenever I have the device plugged into the 9" tv via composite video thet device never enters a state where I can drop to a shell or log in via ssh. I’m not sure if it’s actually frozen or stuck at a point in booting where the sshd service hasn’t been brought up yet.

Already reported, check this thread