Black bars at top and bottom of menus

Since latest update this weekend Ive got black bars at the top and bottom of my menus in OSMC skin, see them in the screenshots in link below.
Resolution is set correctly to 1080p, Calibrated for overscan correctly as you can see in the images arrows are in the correct position. If I calibrate by moving the black bars out of the picture it just re-adds more black bars on that calibration.
Been a Kodi user for years now, but only recently started using OSMC. If I change to Estuary Skin, there are no black bars, calibration is as expected. So it seems to be related to the skin itself.
Is this a known issue? Anybody have any suggestions on how to fix?

Imgur Link

Suggest you have a look at your TV’s settings for overscan and aspect ratio. What make/model of TV is it?

Its a samsung KS7000, I can see why you would think its TV aspect settings but its not.
If I change skin to Estuary its fine, no bars. Even using the OSMC skin the black bars are still an active screen area its not being cut off by the TV, if i move mouse cursor it shows ontop of the bars within the display.
And in my screenshot you can see the calibration arrows showing on top of the black bars.

Very strange, I’ve not had this problem until this weekend.

Are you sure? Estuary is darker and has some elements top and bottom that are usually off-screen. Could you post a photo of your screen with Estuary so we can rule that out?

Just went to back to check on this, and Estuary skin was fine… but I have solved my problem - it was the pixel ratio adjustment under Video Calibration settings, I had unknowingly adjusted this, and the skin must have then compensated the menus.

All sorted now. Thanks for your suggestions all the same grahamh.