Black Friday sale?

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Anyone who ordered it on Black Friday from the Netherlands also waiting on package? This time it is stuck in transit (leaving the UK) since 27th Nov. for a longer time than usual (ordered more things from the UK only 2-3 days transit time).
I know it is a busy time and don’t expect it to be here fast, but usually the package should be in a distribution center by now that normally also takes a few days to get to more local distribution center.

Several customers in the Netherlands are still waiting.
PostNL becomes extremely slow in December, usually taking around 2-3 weeks per item


Thanks for the update Sam! Because the package isn’t available yet at PostNL for tracking i was starting to get worried. The waiting is ok, but i lost a package in the past when i also had no status updates over a longer time period.

I don’t think the package is lost after just a few days. If there’s no movement by the end of the week let me know and I will check this in more detail.

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We’ve received many emails from Dutch customers asking about the whereabouts of their order.

PostNL have now stated that they are seriously backlogged and they have logged this as an international incident. Mail is being processed, but slowly.

So nothing to worry about in terms of loss, but the delays aren’t appetising. We do apologise for the this. We are now advising Dutch customers accordingly.

If you have any questions, let me know.


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After raising an investigation, we were told:

Please note that the PostNL had a 2 weeks back log where item were not moving up to yesterday.

Items should start tracking immediately


PostNL shipping: Dropbox - Shipping.mp4 - Simplify your life

Package received yesterday. Tracking suddenly became active and went from sorting straight to delivery on same day. First impression is that it is a nice little device, nice packaging, handy startup wizard and so far plays everything i have (for example with HDR, Dolby Atmos,…). Only made few adjustments like passtrough audio settings and resolution with some screen calibration so far (info found here on forums/wiki).

Glad to hear this. I think we finally nagged them enough for them to get things moving.


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