Black Friday sale?


Hi, I’m considering buying a Vero 4k+. Does anyone remember whether there was a discount during last year’s BF, and if so, how much?


I haven’t decided whether we will do a Black Friday sale. Keep in mind we didn’t have 4K + on the market last year. As the material costs of this model are higher, there’s less opportunity for price breaks



+1 potential buyer… Would be great if we get on one day old price 99£…


There is a Newsletter you can sign up to here: where we publish info news and offers etc.



+1. I googled and saw there were Black Friday deals in the past so i was hoping to see that again. On the other hand i wouldn’t be surprised if there is no sale, because that makes sense too. I am still choosing and need to make a decision preferably tomorrow, because some already have a good discount.
Subscribed to the newsletter (only since few days ago).


There will be a small discount; but don’t expect much. The device is significantly more expensive to produce than the previous model. We are always trying to keep the price as low as possible without compromising on quality or service. There are other, cheaper devices on the market, but they won’t compete in this regard.

Over the years, the cost of ownership of the device should end up quite low.




If apple had osmc level of customer support AppleCare would be 1000$


Thanks for the little surprise update. I’m still looking forward to it. I wouldn’t dare to compare this with cheaper devices, because of the same reason that k2u3 mentioned.
I think every potential new customer can agree that there is a high amount of support visible on the forum.
I did notice the topic about LG tv HDR autoswitch, because that is one of the few reasons why i am still a tiny bit worried (having an LG oled55c8pla since a week which is only different in size). I think that in the end it will do what i need.


You shouldn’t have any problems. We are continually improving the HDR experience for a variety of displays.

There is also a money back guarantee in the unlikely event you would like to return the device for any reason.




Hey, Sam, how about posting me a cheque for £20 for absolutely no reason except that it’s Black Friday? That seems reasonable. :laughing:

Can I be nosey and ask what it is that makes it that much more expensive?


Of course you can :slight_smile:

4K + features an S905D SoC.

This is more expensive as it has DVB pads which we don’t use. But it was the only way we could mux in Gigabit Ethernet via an external PHY. An effective bastardisation of the chip.

We also upgraded memory (eMMC and RAM), using faster chips.

The external Ethernet transceiver adds a couple of bucks too.

It all adds up. We produce the best devices we can however.






Thanks again for the sale. I did order one vero + usb hub this afternoon.


IMHO this device really is the best media player/HTPC you can buy right now if you want 4K/HDR video and HD audio.
I have (and will continue to do so) recommended it to anyone who will listen at the normal price, especially given the exceptional support from all at OSMC and the community in general,
if you can get one at a discount this weekend I would urge you to do so.



We are going to be very busy this weekend


I’ve been reading my way into Vero for some time now, and I finally hit it yesterday!

Had a Nvidia Shield at first, but wasn’t really satisfied and now I’m curious what it looks like with the Vero4k+ :slight_smile:

Sam, do you have any numbers as to how many were sold to black friday? Just for interest ^^


Enough that he’s gone very quiet today.


I know this is silly but I just imagined Sam soldering the vero’s together as we speak :smile:


I bought one for my friend and also another 1 or 2 friends are buying this week. :joy:. I’m still considering another one. But I don’t have enough TVs!


Hello Sam, first time poster and wanted to let you know I appreciate all that your teams doing to revolutionize the Media Center experience for the masses everywhere around the globe.

** I took advantage of your Black Friday sale today with the purchase of 2 additional Vero 4K+ units and some accessories, shipping to the USA. I came to your site today to buy one (1) additional unit but bought two (2) due to the added incentive so something to consider for your marketing approach for next year.

I’m a returning customer and purchased my first Vero 4K+ last month and have tested it with every file type I have with zero issues (still working on the 3D files). Any issues encountered were due to my learning curve and not of the device. The Hi-Def Audio Pass-through also worked as expected with no audio degradation noticed.

Looking forward and capitalizing on the value of these incredibly capable Vero 4K+ units I’ll be replacing several components with these around the home. Of note, one of the units to be retired is a Dune 4K Solo. It’s a very nice trouble-free unit but I don’t know of a way to get at least the Emby backend on it, let alone Kodi, and it is also 3 times the cost. Real world testing on my Samsung 4K projector and 108” screen I cannot tell the difference between the Dune and the Vero 4K+ and that is the best testament I can offer you on your efforts with the development of these Vero units built on the OSMC platform.