Black friday VERO 4K upgrade


On black friday I bought Vero 4K and its a good device. But now there is a new one so I would like to receive a free upgrade. I know you said after 20th June but my card company let’s me do a chargeback for up to one year

Please upgrade me or I will chargeback the full amount or submit warranty claim to get new one and will not be the only one who does this :wink:

you should give people more information and tell them about new products at least one year advance


Well - your card-company could charge back the amount, but I bet that if Sam tells your card company that you received the device and shows this post, you will be tagged as fraud and I think other things will happen.
IMHO - what you do - is really bad for any business and you should really be ashamed to show such attitude.
I’d put you on any blacklist out there.

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it’s just an idea :wink:

It is not. There is no honor in that attitude. It’s pathetic.


I’m just going to close this one out.


I know of no manufacturer that tells you a year in advance what products they are going to be selling. When you but a new car, do you expect that you can return it in year when the new models come out? You may know a new model is on the way, but you have no idea what will change… As for electronics, are you going to complain when Samsung, LG etc, release a new cell phone or TV or…