Black Line on live TV where progress bar was

Hello, using TVHeadend, a Sundtek Media Pro TV USB Stick, while watching Live TV there is a black line, probably 1px high where the bottom of the progress area was.

See photos here

Screen res is 1280x720 @ 50 or 60hz (happens with both). Have played around with refresh rate changes and it stays there. It disappears sometimes when going to a settings menu or channel view and back to Live TV but will eventually come back.

The line only appears on live tv, although haven’t spotted it yet on video playback.

Any ideas or suggest fixes?


Hi James

If you record a minute or so and play it back, do you still get this? If so, can you chuck the clip on Dropbox for me?


I have it too during normal playback of video files.
It is not present when the video starts and if I don’t touch anything it doesn’t appear.
But if i skip forward or back, then, when the progress bar disappear, the 1 pixel black line remains there till the end of the video…

If someone can point me to a file I will investigate

Might be a case of forest/trees but I can’t find the recording button on the remote or the info screen for live TV.

Should I maybe record directly from the TvHeadend WebUI ?

That will also work. I just need a clip that exhibits the problem on your device so I can look

I recorded a live TV snippet directly from the TVH web ui but it doesn’t show the black line (nor does the recording have all the little pauses and audio cutouts that live TV has).

I found where the recording button is on the Live TV interface, for some reason the area that shows the 7 control buttons (stop, play, rewind, fffwd etc) only shows 6 of them with the record button in 7th place and hidden. I need to navigate to the right and it pops into view. Bit of a Mystery Meat navigation which is weird as there is ample screen space for 7 icons/buttons.

…anyway that aside, when I hit the record button, the system records it but of course then the black line disappears when clearing the screen of all the info elements by hitting the remote “return” arrow button.
Interestingly, the black line re-appears after I hit the “i” button on the remote to show and then to hide the info elements… it seems to be a relic of the info UI / progress bar.

The black line doesn’t show up on the recording, so I won’t bother to upload one.

Not sure if that helps, sorry.


I can’t think of a reason for this. But I think you’re still on the OSMC skin. That may have a small bug in it where the elements aren’t clearing properly. Can you try another skin to just test with? Assuming you can replicate this problem with reasonable ease, that will be quick to rule out a skin problem.


Yep so changing the skin to Confluence makes the line go away.
I quite like the osmc skin though, less noisy :frowning:

Hope this helps you out. If there are any settings you need to try and duplicate this, let me know and I’ll post them here.

Ok it is a skin issue. I will see if we can fix it, although we are between skins at the moment

Went back to OSMC skin in August update and line hasn’t appeared yet.