Black overlay on pausing, unable to resume/stop

Hi there,

I’ve had an issue recently (across releases for a few months - have only just got around to reporting it!) which only occurs when pausing or finishing a video. When I pause, stop or finish a video there is a weird full screen black transparent overlay and player controls are not displayed (sometimes it covers the top 90% of the screen leaving a small part of the paused frame fully visible). It’s not possible to unpause, exit to the menu unless on rare occasions when jamming pause or stop for a while (the remote works fine).

This is a Pi 3 B running November’s OSMC build. It doesn’t matter what the video is that’s played.

I would really appreciate any pointers - maybe a corrupt microsd?

The weird thing is, whenever I enable debug logging the issue disappears completely and is not at all reproducible so I doubt the logs will be helpful!



The first thing to try would be to either directly edit your config.txt file or use the MyOSMC add-on>Pi Config>config editor>open config.txt editor and modify your file so it is stock again…


I would also recommend

settings>player>videos>processing>allow hardware acceseration OMXPlayer> [disable]

settings>player>videos>adjust display refresh rate> [On start/stop]

settings>player>videos>sync playback to display> [disable]

Thanks for such a quick reply!

I have done all of the above and rebooted. I can now unpause and also stop content without the pie crashing, the screen still dims and player controls are not visible but I can live with it, as the screen undims itself within about 3 seconds. Weird but I’ll do a fresh install once the pi4 is supported (and I buy one!)



Can you post a picture of what that looks like. That description is not something I recognise but perhaps if I could see it. I would also try the OSMC skin and see if the issue is there as well.

Fixed for now I think actually, despite the reboot an unknown overscan setting crept into the config file with =1 which wasn’t there previously (?). I deleted it and on subsequent reboots the overscan setting hasn’t snuck back into the file and player controls are visible and no screen dimming occurs. Will stay vigilant in case it reappears and share a screenshot when I can reproduce the issue again. Thanks again for your help!

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