Black screen after bootup/update

Been using OSMC on my Rpi 3 since years and since months also on my new TV.
Did an update a couple of days ago and after that I first had no wifi connection or wifi module at all available in settings. After a restart I saw a couple of terminal things happen claiming OSMC repaired something.

Now it on start I first see the blue boot screen but after that screen goes black. I can still interact - or - hear the system interacting by audio output when navigating blindly through the menu.

Found a similar topic here and modified the config.txt to use fkms driver instead kms as the latest reply was by someone stating the same issue on his Rpi 3. But that did not help.

So… help appreciated to either repair this system or reinstall with keeping settings/user config/plugins - if possible.

Slightly annoyed… never change a running system… :-/

Could indicate a broken SD Card (or power supply issue).
Suggest to do a clean install on a new SD Card and then you can transfer your /home/osmc folder to keep your settings

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That did not work very well. Clean installation works but after copying the old osmc home folder I get repeatedly bad faces :frowning:

Oh cmon…

grab-logs -A and share the URL

Fixed it. Had to chown user and group of the backup folder. Now works.

Thanks for your help!