Black screen after install

Dear all,

I cannot run OSMC. I actually installed from windows, took the latest September version. Installed it on a formatted SD card. Plugged into the Raspberry PI2.

Then it goes on installation. It says it’s successfully installed. Screen goes black once for some seconds, it gets back to OSMC screen (with no comments) for some seconds, then the screen turns black again and nothing happens.

I am a complete noob on Raspberry…

Is there something I need to do? If I plug back my noobs card I cannot find anything related to OSMC.

Thank you in advance.

Is the PI2 still “alive” red light + green flashes
Has it got network: green light on the LAN connection
Can you access it on the web page? (use your android phone or tablet with “Fing” from Overlook to do a network scan to see available devices, must be on the same network)