Black screen after update VERO 2

After today’s update I am getting a black screen on an LG 42LG30D TV with a VERO 2.
Plugging it into my Samsung TV works fine, so I tried setting low resolution @ 50hz and then transferring back to the LG, still getting nothing but a black screen with each res that I try.

SSH works. I noticed a similar issue reported on a VERO 4K, but not sure if the solution is appropriate for the VERO 2.


EDIT - Sorry for got the logs.

Logs available at

You can try moving the guisettings.xml file away.

Is the LG TV a 4K TV?

The LG TV is not 4K, I believe it’s only 720p.

Try moving guisetting.xml away? sorry I don’t follow.
I’m guessing you mean rename it or delete it, where is it located? I can’t find it.

Its under /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata

Thanks, yeah I just found it… didn’t realise Kodi folder was hidden.
I removed guisettings.xml and rebooted… No change, still have black screen after OSMC splash screen.

Is this 100% black or is there a on top left something like a mouse pointer visible?

Do you have another HDMI input socket on the LG? You seem to have no connection at all.

JimKnopf, It’s a 100% black screen.

grahamh, the HDMI connection is fine, as I said in a post above I see the OSMC splash screen, the black screen appears when Kodi loads the main menu screen. Also the HDMI audio works, I can hear the “clicks” as buttons are pressed on the remote.

please try updating again using the Samsung or the commandline

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

then grab-logs -A from the LG.

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Can you try move the whole Kodi userdata directory out of the way in case we are barking up the wrong tree?