Black screen when playing HDR *with* Adjust Refresh Rate enabled

I have an issue where I can only play HDR files when Adjust Refresh Rate is disabled. If I enable this setting, HDR files simply show a black screen and eventually the TV tells me there is no signal. The HDR logo comes on at the top right.

TV is an LG model from 2018. No issues playing other types of files, or playing HDR streams from Netflix/Amazon etc.

Debug log is here
I tested with 3 files, the first being an HDR source, then a normal 4k source, then back to the HDR source again.

We would need to see full logs
Try enabling Limit 422 under Display settings

OK, here are the full logs.

Force 422 was already enabled.

I would suggest that you remove all of the banned addons that you’ve installed. Those addons are known to cause problems.

Is whitelisting enabled?
Your device seems to be trying to output 4K at 59.94 which is odd.

He doesn’t have any whitelist enabled. It would show in the GUI Settings (abridged) section.